Greetings and Wishing the best for all of you

To whomever this may concern,

I hope all is well with your life and I appreciate the views, comments, advice, and conversations we have had. If you are new this applies to you as well because I am grateful for the support. These past couple of days I have been sick with a cough and did not want to cough through an hour of vlog time again thanks for sticking with me ( an hour of vlog time is a lot to take in). I plan on returning to the vlog as soon as my father returns from his trip in about a week or so 🙂 until then I hope you all enjoy life, treat yourself to something nice, and thank you for all your kind hearts.




The Follow Button

Hello Everyone 🙂 ,

For those who have had difficulty following the vlog we have positioned an easy-to-use button at the top right hand corner (it is blue). It is located directly to the right of the title “The Follow Button”. We’re still experimenting with it, but it appears that all you need to do is click it once to become one of our followers. Thank you!

We appreciate your views, comments, and thoughts all are welcome 🙂 and hope you are taking time to enjoy life and smell the roses!


Dove and company


A dog goes into a post office and gives the letter, but it only has nine words “woof woof woof , woof woof woof, woof woof woof.” The postman says, “If you add ten words you can get 5 cents off of your post.” In reply the dog says, “But that would not make any sense.”


Your comments lead us to think we might be making a difference in some of our viewers’ lives:

“I do not have a TV yet I do like to relax with a ‘show’ in the evening. And it turns out to be your vlog! It’s so perfect for me…so nice and comforting…. It’s like visiting with Nathan and Rob….” Laura, Fort Collins, CO

“We began watching the first video last night and found it to be compelling. The calmness, sensitivity, and obvious closeness of a father and son relationship came through loud and clear. We will certainly be making comments as we watch each video. The very nice, understated, unrehearsed presentation was a breath of fresh air and resonated strongly.” Ed and Janet, Kerrville, TX

“I have been blown away by your conversations with your Dad…the wonderful rapport you have with each other, your common bonding with Dove, your moving honesty in talking about your agoraphobia, your acknowledging how challenging and emotionally painful your condition can be, yet your commitment to staying positive and your goal of getting well.” Lyn, Boulder, CO

“I loved watching you and your dad – and the interaction with Dove too! You all seem to have such a great relationship. A real inspiration!” Toni, New Zealand

It is OK to be You

Firetruck, I can’t think of anything good to say lol there is my self critic again always the people pleasing perfectionist, but it is part of who I am so I accept it.

Acceptance of oneself is super important in life (Wow was that the understatement of the year 🙂 ) Accepting the good, the bad, the ugly takes a lot of practice and patience. Be patient with yourself and your journey through life. The key is to be completely honest and realistic with oneself focusing on the real 100% and not on “dreamer expectations”. What I mean by “dreamer expectations” is that one might want to lose 20 lbs in a day and still be able to eat that tub of ice cream, but is that really going to happen?

What if my inner voice or wants tells me to do something and it is unhealthy, but I crave it and keep on doing it. The opposite might be true as well there may be something completely good for you, but one avoids it. The key is in the choice made either to give in to the Schweinehund (Swine dog the less wise choice) or to chose the higher path of ( Self-control and willpower). Imagine that Frodo from Lord of the Rings is your willpower and you have a choice to have ultimate power with the One Ring or you can cast it into the fires of Mount Doom from whence it came. The thing is that Frodo needs a Samwise Gamgee to encourage the willpower or to strengthen it with self- control. There are ways one can reward oneself (or lighten the load) for making a more difficult decision, but do not let it get out of hand or let it lead your willpower to chose the regretful path.

Another way to see this is that the temptation is a Boss level with all legendary equipment and it uses willpower attacks that weakens your willpower if you have not built up enough or encouraged yourself with positive self talk and thinking. The only way to beat the boss is to accept that it is there and love yourself not matter what accept that it is OK to be You.

Some people are fine and have no regrets with their inner Schweinehund or have learned to block it out. There are people though who feel guilt or not so good after one makes a less than wise decision like binge watching Netflix all night instead of sleeping or let’s be completely honest here watching porn because one is lonely or horny. The thing is to remember that there are consequences (no consequences is too harsh there are reactions to the actions performed). Remember these things and hopefully your inner voice will agree with you and feel good.

  1. Accept yourself and your actions
  2. positive self talk and thinking (never punish oneself for regretful actions remember that you are not alone)
  3. Support your willpower and encourage yourself and others
  4. Never avoid the situation be fearless

Have Hope

Hello Ya’ll,

I just want to remind people out there that yes I am still ill and many people out there are suffering to from illness or have a deep sadness in their hearts for someone who is ill. I want you all to keep fighting for wellness although it might be hard and painful please exhaust all possibilities and think outside the box for your health because honestly the health care system may not have a solution and may write you off as a label or lost cause. The health care system may be passive and may be charging you for care not provided for or one may lack access to health options. Don’t even get me started on insurance options . Doctors will go all the way to foreign countries to provide aid which is all wonderful, but what about you? The health care system is very broken, but remember to have hope. Think outside the box like different countries have different solutions for the same illness so try something different, connect with people, and share so we can all heal. Remember to respect oneself with love and that the body and mind are healing naturally little by little everyday so be glad in that 🙂 and thank you.



Hope you laugh :) or Smile

My mother told me that in life all one has to do to be successful is be good at one thing and be good at that one verb action word. I know many of you people reading this are great at many things and might find it hard to chose one thing. Can I get an Okurr ? I really do enjoy when people laugh or think something is funny 🙂 Well here it goes just some funny things in my head that made me laugh. These are just a few for your enjoyment or you are all going to be like he is kind of crazy run (swim) away.

  1. In Harry Potter the wand chooses the wizard just like my dog the bone chose my dog 🙂 like in Harry Potter the wands are like 10 in , mildly flexible, and made of ash with a dragon heart string well my puppy’s bone is 3 pronged, well chewed, nylabone with a bacon heart string perfect for any puppy because they create more magic than any wizard.
  2. I wonder if anybody has taught their dog to stand up (original command up or stand), but use wingardium leviosa instead and all the other magic commands stay (stupefy) 🙂
  3. Seal Team Six did a good job I mean they are navy seals, but they are not as good as Labrador Team Six 🙂 Imagine what a group of six labs could do. My lab is a part of Labrador Team Six just FYI.
  4. My Labrador speaks in a language called Labradorian little different from her predecessor who spoke bichon frise. It is kind of like languages other than English they have words that just do not translate same with bichon frise and Labradorian. The words that just do not translate with be in parenthesis below Dove was like: woof woof woof (the ball) woof woof (so many times) woof woof woof (do it again?) and woof woof (smells super good) woof woof (never went to kindergarten) woof woof woof (stingy bastards) 🙂

Lab Results In

No, I am not talking about Dove (my Labrador Retriever) 🙂 , but the DNA Connexions Lyme Disease test came back positive not for Lyme Disease, but for Bartonella bacilliformis (which has been linked to Carrion’s Disease). My story starts with a bug bite and if the shoe fits Carrion’s Disease is a vector borne disease meaning that it is transferred to humans by insects/bugs via bites or injecting poison. The interesting thing about this bacteria is that this specific bacteria bacilliformis is mainly found in South America like Peru or Ecuador ect… I have never been to South America though. I speculate that this bug or carrier traveled here maybe because of global warming or it just wanted a vacation and was able to survive because Colorado is at high elevation like Peru and similar to it’s home climate and elevation. Currently we are talking to professionals who are versed in this specific type of bacteria and are very hopeful 🙂 in getting more information and other resources for help. Thank you all for you support and inspiration!!



Wishing You all Well :)

Hello All,

Well I said I would do some more videos when my father got back, but I guess I lied. I will be completely honest that I have some test coming up for Lyme Disease ect…and I have been focused on that, but that does not mean I do not appreciate you all. In fact I do respect every single one of you 🙂 and wish that you trust your heart and are living life to the fullest like my puppy Dove (pictures below taken by my wonderful mother) . I would love to pray for anyone who asks, give words or encouragement or advice, and be a friend to anyone because my heart goes out to all people and I have a calling to help people.